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North News (July 29th)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/North News Jul29.mp3 [Download]

North News (July 22nd)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/North News Jul22.mp3 [Download]


South News (July 29th)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/South News Jul29.mp3 [Download]

South News (July 22nd)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/South News Jul22.mp3 [Download]


Weekly Magazine (July 29th)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/Magazine Jul29.mp3 [Download]

Weekly Magazine (July 22nd)

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/Magazine Jul22.mp3 [Download]


U3A English History Talk

Week 30 2022

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/U3A History Wk30 2022.mp3 [Download]

Week 29 2022

http://www.btna.org.uk/audio-files/U3A History Wk29 2022.mp3 [Download]


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